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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Years active:

1981 - Present

Areas served:



Eastsheen is a puzzle manufacturer that is mainly specialized in developing Magic Cubes (commonly known as Eastsheen cubes), which are similar to Rubik's Cubes. Magic cubes are meant to have a higher quality and to move smoother and faster than regular Rubik's Cubes. They are also much lighter, smaller and cheaper however Eastsheen cubes have the habit to lock up sometimes. It should be noted that the Taiwanese manufacturer, East Sheen Industrial Co., Ltd., brands their cubes as "Eastsheen".

Eastsheen cubes can be easily recognized by their purple/pink face, which is orange on a regular cube.

Eastsheen cubes come in three different formats: the 2x2x2 cube, the 4x4x4 cube and the 5x5x5 cube. Apart from Magic Cubes, Eastsheen also produces mini cubes and multi cubes. Eastsheen does not produce 3×3 cubes.

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