Cubers agree: Feet solving is gross

It's been known by 99% of the cubing population for years. But there has always been holdouts, like that 1 out of 6 dentist that isn't recommending Trident. But now it's finally come to a unanimous agreement. Cubers agree that feet-solving is gross. We've talked to the remaining hold-outs, who have asked to remain anonymous.

"Well, yeah, it's gross. I don't see how people could argue against that. I mean, I guess I did just to be a Devil's Advocate, but I found out some others agreed with me. I was too afraid to admit I was just trying to troll the WCA, but I guess it kind of grew into that."

Another former supporter noted:

"Yeah, I thought it should stay a while. I mean, I figured it was one of the events that people still had a chance to get a record at since it was so unpopular. So I argued for it and then started practicing. However, once I started practicing, it became obvious it was gross. My mom saw me practicing and then didn't want me to have cubes on the dinner table anymore because she didn't want feet stank there. I can't blame her. My cube stunk. I ended up throwing it away."

When WCA Board Member Ron van Bruchem was asked about the future of feet solving, he replied, "Well, we do have some members of the community who want feet-sovling so we must....really? All of them? Well.....hmmm.....I suppose we could consider it." Board member Tyson Mao was then asked about his opinion and responded, "Good. Those people finally wised up. Feet solving is an embarrassment to the cubing community and I hope the regulations can be re-written mid-year to finally kill this event. If people want to hold it as an unofficial event, they're morons." No word yet on when the new regulations will be released.

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