Friendly bystander admits having never been interested in Cube

22/08/2011 - World News

Members of the commuting public were horrified this morning as a seemingly innocent bystander spoke the unthinkable. Witnesses say the man was sitting across from a young student who was solving a Rubik's Cube. Upon noticing that the cube had been solved, the quite obviously disturbed man simply chuckled to the student that he "never really got into it when [he] was a kid." He then had the nerve to congratulate the student, and proceeded to continue to read his newspaper without another word.

"It was disturbing," said Matthew, aged 32, who watched in shock as the events unfolded, "He didn't even mention how he used to be able to solve one side, maybe two if he tried hard enough."

"He obviously had some problems as a child," said Natalie, aged 19, who is actually related to the Rubik's Cube record holder Mr Wattanapanit, "A man his age should at least have one or two stories about cleverly peeling the stickers off their Rubik's Cube as a young whipper snapper. You could see it in his eyes, he shouldn't be on the streets."

The victim escaped unharmed, he was able to laugh off the confrontation.

"I just wasn't expecting it, honestly." Said the anonymous victim. "I have never been in that situation before in my life. When I started learning how to solve the Rubik's cube, I would never have thought that this would be happening to me. I'm just lucky to have made it out of there."

Luckily, a stocky good samaritan boarded the train on the way to work just in time to witness the outburst. Bert, 49 year old construction worker, calmed the situation with a joke.

"I don't remember really, something came over me and it just came out. It was something about a hammer, or maybe it was a window? I'm not sure, but it was how I used to solve them when I was a kid. Haha, funny right?" Said Bert

"Hero? I wouldn't say that. Dealing with these kind of people is just about confidence. If you say something with enough conviction, they'll believe you. Or at least they'll be nice enough to pretend to believe you, even if they suspect that you have no idea what they're talking about."

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