Japanese colors

Japanese Color Scheme

The Japanese color scheme is one of the two most common color schemes for the Rubik's Cube (with the other being the Western color scheme). Although this color scheme was used on some of the earliest mass-produced cubes, the official-brand cubes in North America and Europe have for many years used the Western Color Scheme. One of the first cubers to use this color scheme since 2003 was Shotaro Makisumi, for whom this color scheme may be named. A small number of American and European cubers also use this color scheme by choice, for example Dan Knights.

Western colors

Western Color Scheme

Some cubers in Asia are also known to use a mirrored version of this color scheme.

Although cubers who use the Western color scheme (and the Fridrich method) typically solve with a white or yellow cross (and therefore a white or yellow last layer), Japanese color scheme users usually prefer a blue cross, because a white last layer gives easy recognition.

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