The Rubik’s Clock is a two-dimensional puzzle where you turn wheels on the side of the puzzle to make the 9 clocks on each side correct. It was invented and patented in the 80’s, then Ernő Rubik purchased the patent in 1988.

The current world record single is 3.73 seconds and held by Nathaniel Berg. The current world record average is held by Evan Liu at 5.64 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • If you are only familiar with the normal Rubik’s Cube or the other standard cubes, the algorithms may look pretty confusing. Scramble example:UL3- U4- R4+ D5- L2+ ALL3+ y2 DR2- UL5+ U2+ R5- D1+.
  • The Clock is the only WCA event that have just two solvable sides.
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