Rubik's Cube Wiki
  • Don't advertise on this wiki. Wikia advertisements are enough now.
  • Don't spam! You will get a ban!
  • Make sure to categorize!
    • On the subject of categories, do not create categories that are only going to contain one or two articles. The minimum is three.
  • Not following the rules of Wikia could mean a ban too.
  • Userpages are not mainspace articles. No user other than the user the userpage belongs to or admins are allowed to edit the page. Admins are only permitted to edit the page IF there is unacceptable content on there - grammatical errors, missing hyperlinks, etc. are NOT reasons to edit userpages, as these are faults on behalf of the user themselves.
  • If the article you create is not related to speedsolving, twisty puzzles, notable cubers, etc., then the article will be deleted and you will be warned.
  • No abusive behaviour! This includes racism, name calling, swearing, and anything else that can offend.
  • Don't make notes on pages other than your userpage or talk page, or your note will get removed.
  • It is perfectly acceptable for a user to remove content from his/her talk page unless the deleted content is an administrative message, such as a warning or a ban notification.
    • Exception: The "Welcome to the Wiki!" type of message everyone receives.