The Square-1 in its solved position.

The Square-1 is a cubic twisty puzzle with irregular cubies. It has only three axes of rotation - the top and bottom faces, and the entire right half of the puzzle. The puzzle consists of two halves, each with corner and edge pieces indistinguishable to the core. The top and bottom layers consist of triangular edge pieces and quadrilateral corner pieces, and the middle layer consists of two trapezoidal pieces. This puzzle does not have fixed center, and when scrambled, shifts to a random shape. The object is to return it to its cubic state as well as to make each side one solid color.

The current fastest single solve for the Square-1 is held by Tommy Szeliga with a time of 6.84 seconds, And the average record with a time of 9.90 was Brandon Lin.

Trivia Edit

  • It might not look like it, but it is actually harder than the Megaminx.
  • The alternate name for the Square-1 is "Cube 21".
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